2008, ജൂലൈ 27, ഞായറാഴ്‌ച

"Breath of Life"

The whispers of the night
Call as a promise to my heart
But my strength is nothing
My fear is greater
To be dead in life
Crying every night
Longing for sweet love to return
I fear it may never change
Try as I might Maybe
I'm not supposed to hold dear
Someone I can love
Give me a breath of life
Help me to surrender to our song
Once we are here alone, together
Wont you let my cry
Or am I expected to hold on
Do I have to be perfect for you
Is that why I haven't seen your face
Must I be desirable
To quench a thirst you have
What must I be Someone you can love
Is that me Am I someone you can love
Where are you
I've begun to bleed
Save me.

2 അഭിപ്രായങ്ങൾ:

  1. One thing more to add

    My eyes are jelous to my Heart , because my heart is always near to you and my eyes are always far away from you

    same I am jelous to moon also , because the same moon which can see me and you , but same time i cant see you from here...
    add this more then your words will full fill... How is my words?

  2. Lovely!!! So beautiful and soulfula nd the rhyme scheme fits perfectly too....just love and adore the feel of it!

    Thanks fir the visit to my blog...I too write poems and stories like you but not so good of course.....LOL!
    U cld read them at my other blog, which I think will be more interesting for you too...
    Plsss tell em what u thnk and it wld be a pleasure to knw frm such a good writer :)

    Keep writing coz I'm hooked on and will visit regularly :0